Applying to Specialized High Schools

The NYC Specialized High School admissions process is a highly competitive and sometimes confusing process.  Have no fear, though we're here to lead you through with our handy checklist for the Specialized High School admissions process.

  • Register for the SHSAT & Request a Ticket

    In mid-September, register with your guidance counselor for the SHSAT. Several weeks later, tickets to take the test will become available to those who registered for it. Make sure you pick yours up! Before you do any of this, though, you should start preparing for the SHSAT. For more information about the SHSAT, click here.

  • Take the SHSAT

    After you've prepped, take the test! The SHSAT is the sole criterion for admissions to nearly every Specialized High School, so it's best to take it seriously. Also, you will have to list on the test your ranking of desired schools, which will influence the priority you receive in being admitted to these schools - choose carefully!

  • Submit Your Completed Application

    Finish up your admissions process by giving your application to your guidance counselor.

Applying to Independent & Prep Schools

Applying to independent or prep schools can be a bewildering, complicated process. Don't worry - we're here to help with that, as well!

  • Request an Admissions & Application Packet

    As soon as you're interested in a school, contact them to request an application and admissions packet. This will contain both information about the school and the means of applying to the school. Typically, applications require a test score, a writing sample in your own handwriting, and a transcript of your grades.

  • Register for the SSAT or ISEE

    Find out which test your school requires - either the ISEE or SSAT - and register for that test. Whichever test you'll be taking, it's best to start preparing as soon as possible. For more information about the SSAT, click here, and for information about the ISEE, click here.

  • Take the Test

    After you've prepped, take the test! The SSAT and ISEE are not the only the sole criteria for admissions, but they are the only standardized measure the school you're applying to gets to use.

  • Submit Your Completed Application

    Finish up your admissions process by submitting your completed application to the school or schools you're applying to.

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